Two tips for parents who want to get their teen some candle making supplies

If your teen has indicated that they think candle making could be a fun hobby and you'd like to get them the supplies they need to start this activity, these tips will help you with this. Get a customised candle making set from a candle making supply shop When young people tell their parents they want to try out this hobby, they are often given generic candle making kits that contain the basic items they need to get started. Read More 

Tips To Help You Clean Your Child’s Stuffed Soft Toy

Keeping your child's stuffed soft toys clean helps in protecting the child from infections. Also, the toys will stay in good shape for longer if you keep them clean at all times. Below are essential cleaning tips to help you solve common dirt problems associated with stuffed soft toys. Cleaning Out Spots If your child's stuffed soft toy has a spot or two, then you don't have to soak it in water so as to clean it. Read More 

Needle Felting: Everything You Need To Get Started

Needle felting is a very simple art form that's allows you to create extremely complex and lifelike designs. Unlike other crafting activities, anyone can do it! However, in order to get started, you'll need to pick up a few art supplies first. Choosing Your Needles Felting needles are sharp blades lined with L-shaped barbs that will latch on to wool fibres and tangle them deeper into the felt. Over time, this repetitive motion moulds loose wool into shapes. Read More