Two tips for parents who want to get their teen some candle making supplies

If your teen has indicated that they think candle making could be a fun hobby and you'd like to get them the supplies they need to start this activity, these tips will help you with this.

Get a customised candle making set from a candle making supply shop

When young people tell their parents they want to try out this hobby, they are often given generic candle making kits that contain the basic items they need to get started. Whilst these kits are perfectly fine, it might be better to go to a candle making supply shop and compile your own kit for them, which is customised to suit their tastes and interests.

For instance, if your teen has a collection of superhero action figures that they've accumulated over the years, you could include a couple of candle moulds that feature images of their favourite superhero characters in the kit you create for them. If the candle making supply shop does not have these moulds in stock, they may be able to either order them for you or even have them custom-made.

Giving your teen a customised set of candle making materials should reduce the chances of them losing interest in this hobby after they make their first couple of candles. This is worth noting, as teens have shorter attention spans than adults and, if a new hobby doesn't immediately entertain them, they may give up on an activity which, if they persisted to do, might have brought them a lot of happiness.

Buy them a voucher from the supply shop if they are clearly enjoying using the kit

If your teen seems to be thrilled with the kit you created for them and has been using up the candle making materials in it, then you should consider buying them a voucher for the candle making supply shop you bought these materials from.

The reason for this is as follows; if they have been using their kit for a while and have made several candles with it, they will probably have a better idea than you of what new supplies they need. Furthermore, after making a few basic candles, they will probably want to experiment with creating more interesting ones, that are, for instance, multi-coloured or formed into complex shapes, and they would probably prefer to pick out the dyes or moulds they need to make these candles themselves.

Additionally, even if your teen has a part-time job or you give them pocket-money, the funds from this might not be enough to allow them to get the candle making materials they need to make the kind of candles they want to make. As such, they will probably be very happy to be given a voucher that will enable them to purchase the things they need.

If you believe that your child would be interested in candles, consider finding a candle making supply company near you.