Tips To Help You Clean Your Child’s Stuffed Soft Toy

Keeping your child's stuffed soft toys clean helps in protecting the child from infections. Also, the toys will stay in good shape for longer if you keep them clean at all times. Below are essential cleaning tips to help you solve common dirt problems associated with stuffed soft toys.

Cleaning Out Spots

If your child's stuffed soft toy has a spot or two, then you don't have to soak it in water so as to clean it. You can spot-clean the stained area which will make your work easier. Also, the toy will dry up faster than if you submerge it in water when cleaning it.

To clean out the spot, rub the area with a cloth soaked in an appropriate cleaning detergent. However, make sure that the cloth is not dripping wet to avoid soaking the stained area with the solution. You may want to inquire from a professional soft toys distributor about the best type of detergent that's safe to use on the toy. Otherwise, a homemade ammonia solution can also be used provided your soft toy supplier gives you a green light to use it on the toy.

Washing A Urine-Soaked Toy

If your child sleeps with their favorite stuffed toy, a bathroom accident in bed may get the toy fully soaked in urine. Urine has a strong odour that may be hard to clear, so it's advisable you wash the toy as soon as possible.

Soak the toys in a basin or sink full of a detergent solution. Immersing the toy in the solution will help clean out the urine absorbed by the stuffed materials in the toy. Afterwards, immerse the toy in clean water to rinse out the detergent. Once you're done rinsing the toy, squeeze the toy gently, and you may also press the toy between two dry towels to remove some more water. Lastly, hang the toy to dry.

Disinfecting Toys

It's important for you to disinfect your child's stuffed toy so as to get rid of disease-causing pathogens that may be present. Some toys will have a label attached indicating the specific type of disinfectant you should use and how to use it. Remember that it's best to buy the disinfectant from a certified dealer as the dealer is likely to be up to date with the pesticide and chemical use regulations that apply when dealing with disinfectants.

Otherwise, if you don't feel confident enough to use the disinfectant as indicated, then you may want to take your child's soft toys to a professional soft toys dealer who offers the disinfection services.

Keeping your child's stuffed soft toys clean is a first step to keeping your child safe. You can use the tips above on how to properly clean stuffed soft toys in different circumstances.