Cost-Effective Tools for Centering a Candle Wick

If you are a novice in candle-making, the first thing you need to do is find out the exact supplies you need. For instance, wick-centring clips are a must-have if you plan to make candles usable. As their name implies, wick-centring clips keep a wick centred in a container as you pour in molten wax. Thus, it makes the candle-making process easy, particularly if you want to make many batches. Although you can buy wick-centring clips from a local supplies store, you can save money on them, especially if you are starting. The good news is that you can improvise and use readily available materials around your home as wick-centring clips. Read on to find out how to do it.


One of the cheapest items you can use as wick-centring tools is clothespins or pegs. Many Australian households have tens of clothespins in the laundry room, and people rarely use all of them at once. Although clothespins vary in length and size, most can comfortably rest atop candle jars. Pinch the ends and push a wick through the open space to make a clothespin work like a wick-centring device. When you release your grip, the two pieces will squeeze and hold the wick in place, ready for you to pour molten wax. However, you must ensure that the wick section inside a container is taut enough so that it does not distort a peg's position on the jar.

Popsicle Sticks 

Wooden popsicle sticks are a hobbyist's best friend because they can be used for various crafts, including candle-making. There are two ways you can use popsicle sticks as wick-centring devices. First, drill a tiny hole in the middle of a wooden popsicle stick with either a tiny drill bit or a screw. After, slide a wick through the hole until you achieve the desired wick length inside a candle jar. Next, make the wick taut by pulling it through the hole and securing the excess length around the popsicle with hot glue. Once the candle wax has solidified, cut the excess and lift it away together with the popsicle stick.


You can use cardboard to make a cheap version of a wick-centring tool. To do it, find thick cardboard, then cut it into relatively thin strips that can lie across the top of a candle container. Proceed by cutting a slit in the middle of each cardboard strip so you can slide the extra length of each wick through. The slit will hold the wick tight throughout. If you are making scented candles, cardboard wick holders are the perfect solution because you can write the scent of each candle on the cardboard to avoid confusion.

Check out a local hobby and craft store if you need other candle making supplies.